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    Novel –Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School– Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

    Chapter 2141 – Not Just Saying It crook private

    “Yesterday following Overlook Gu still left, I visited his high school to analyze, nevertheless the data files were actually shed. This has been numerous many years in the end. None of us was managing the classic records,” Shao Chen claimed, without remorseful conscience.

    Shao Chen desired to defend Yang Siyuan, but he couldn’t start his mouth area in the event the words stumbled on his lips, because at this time, he already got some doubts, but he couldn’t believe it 100%.

    “Thank you a great deal,” reported Gu Ning pleasantly, then observed the policeman over there.

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    Shao Chen stiffened, in addition to a likelihood arrived at his mind, but he still felt amazing. He sensed that Yang Siyuan wouldn’t accomplish this. Struggling with Gu Ning’s concern, Shao Chen responded to genuinely. “Yes, when you finally kept, I informed him, but…”

    Ability to hear that, Gu Ning was sure that Shao Chen was misled, so she ceased whipping about the bush.

    Though they didn’t know Leng Shaoting, Leng Shaoting experienced an aura of n.o.bility and ability, so they didn’t dare to despise him. They had been only curious about his loved ones.h.i.+p with Gu Ning, because he was very good looking!

    Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didn’t be reluctant, and sat down at once, then Shao Chen poured a cup of herbal tea for each one.

    “Did you explain to Yang Siyuan prior to going to get the data?” Gu Ning expected.

    The policeman helped bring Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to Shao Chen’s company and knocked on the door. After listening to him say come in, the policeman pressed the doorway wide open.

    “Officer Shao, if what Yang Jun explained holds true, and they’ve really exchanged ident.i.ties and then Yang Siyuan denies that he’s Yang Jun as a way to gain access to the property that didn’t fit in with him, and has carried out some thing to hurt the actual Yang Siyuan, what would you choose to do?” Gu Ning expected truly.

    “Miss Gu, for those who don’t think it, you are able to navigate to the classes by yourself,” explained Shao Chen.

    Leng Shaoting proceeded to go out with her.

    Leng Shaoting journeyed out with her.

    They thought he could be Gu Ning’s boyfriend.

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    Chapter 2141: Not Only Declaring It

    Leng Shaoting gone out with her.

    “Why do you rely on him a great deal? Simply because your loved ones.h.i.+p is right? Are not you suspect of him whatsoever?” Gu Ning requested, which has a somewhat fun search as well as a purposeful strengthen.

    However the bogus Yang Jun was becoming prosecuted, the situation wouldn’t be delivered to a legal court right away, so he would always be detained with the law enforcement officials station.

    “Miss Gu, exactly what do you really mean? Will you be satisfied by Yang Jun’s words?” Shao Chen required, sensing distressed. Gu Ning had no relationships.h.i.+p with Yang Jun. Why would she have faith in him?

    “We’ve submitted a legal action against Yang Jun in the court. It should be treated future or day just after the next day,” Shao Chen said.

    Following that, Gu Ning immediately instructed Shangguan Yang as well as the other folks she had to leave the house to take care of anything, then kept and went along to the police station where the fake Yang Jun was detained.

    “Officer Shao, you have this type of decent associations.h.i.+p with Yang Siyuan, but you won’t assistance him blindly, correct?” Gu Ning asked out of the blue, but this inquiry designed something diffrent significant.

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    “Yesterday soon after Neglect Gu remaining, I attended his senior high school to analyze, even so the computer files were lost. It really has been numerous several years naturally. No-one was managing the older records,” Shao Chen explained, having no responsible conscience.

    Shao Chen stiffened, and also a possibility stumbled on his thoughts, but he still felt amazing. He sensed that Yang Siyuan wouldn’t achieve that. Dealing with Gu Ning’s issue, Shao Chen answered actually. “Yes, when you kept, I instructed him, but…”

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    Shao Chen couldn’t believe it, refusing to just accept it.

    “Why will you have confidence in him a whole lot? Although your relationships.h.i.+p is nice? Aren’t you questionable of him at all?” Gu Ning asked, having a a bit fun start looking as well as a purposeful tone.

    “Lost? What a coincidence!” Gu Ning raised her brow slightly, and said in disbelief.

    “Miss Gu, for those who don’t believe it, you could head to the classes on your own,” mentioned Shao Chen.

    “Is Specialist Shao on this page? I have got a thing to speak about with him,” Gu Ning explained.

    “I’ve well-known Yang Siyuan for a lot of years. I know exactly which kind of guy he or she is.” When his buddy was under suspicion, Shao Chen was naturally unhappy, but he was afraid of Gu Ning’s standing and didn’t dare to vent his frustration in her.

    “I’ve recognized Yang Siyuan for so many several years. I understand exactly what kind of individual he is.” When his buddy was under suspicion, Shao Chen was naturally unsatisfied, but he was scared of Gu Ning’s position and didn’t dare to vent his fury on the.

    However the false Yang Jun was remaining prosecuted, the case wouldn’t be delivered to the legal court at once, so he would continue to be detained with the police officers station.

    “Do what are the legislation shows me to do…” Shao Chen subconsciously said. It appeared he possessed a sense of justice.

    “Thank you a great deal,” mentioned Gu Ning politely, then adopted the policeman over there.

    Shao Chen recognized that Gu Ning got to see him for Yang Jun’s instance, but because of that, Shao Chen was a tiny confused. Why do Gu Ning are concerned about Yang Jun’s scenario a whole lot?

    Since anyone at the law enforcement officials station understood Gu Ning, each of them welcomed her pleasantly when they saw her.

    However the phony Yang Jun was getting prosecuted, the fact wouldn’t be transferred to a legal court instantly, so he would be detained within the law enforcement station.

    The policeman taken Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to Shao Chen’s business office and knocked over the doorstep. Right after hearing him say are offered in, the policeman pushed the entrance open.

    “I wasn’t just stating it when I reminded you to look for the computer files. In fact, ahead of that, I already found the truth. I didn’t straight supply you with the research, simply because I’m no authorities representative and so i will not prefer to overstep. I additionally desired to decide if you together with Yang Siyuan are identical variety of folks.” Gu Ning squinted at Shao Chen. She didn’t bother to cover up that she was distrustful of Shao Chen because he and Yang Siyuan had been buddies. “What I’ve learned is the fact that Yang Siyuan and Yang Jun indeed have exchanged ident.i.ties.”

    When he observed Gu Ning, Shao Chen quickly bought up and greeted her very pleasantly. “Miss Gu, great to determine you. Possess a seating be sure to.”

    Hearing that, Gu Ning was positive that Shao Chen was deceived, so she ceased defeating with regards to the bush.