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    Preferential tariff treatment means decreased rate of customs duty. You can get preferential tariff answer to products that are originally produced in a country with which the EU carries a preferential tariff agreement.

    Preferential treatment implies that the rate of customs duty for that goods is less than normal or which you don’t have to pay any customs duty for the children. You can aquire preferential tariff answer to goods delivered from the country with which the EU has a preferential tariff agreement. Furthermore, the products has to be originally manufactured in a nation from which these are dispatched. Browse the conditions concerning how to get preferential management of goods depending on their origin. Please note that, in spite of the preferential tariff treatment, value added tax to the goods must always be paid.

    Preferential tariff treatment from most countries on the globe

    You can find preferential tariff treatment from most countries on the planet. For instance goods originally stated in the united kingdom are duty-free. The preferential tariff treatment volumes are available in the commodity code service.

    You can aquire preferential tariff strategy for some goods arriving from Turkey although the merchandise is stated in some other country than Turkey. You can acquire preferential tariff treatment, for instance, when the goods have already been cleared in Turkey and you obtain a movement certificate A.TR from your seller. When declaring goods ordered from Turkey, provide Turkey because the country of origin although the goods were produced in another country.

    There are just around twenty countries that don’t grant preferential tariff treatment. Full customs duties must always be paid on goods ordered out there countries. Such countries would be the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Russia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand, and others.

    How to request preferential tariff treatment?

    You’ll be able to request preferential treatment when the products which you’re declaring fulfil the conditions of preferential treatment along with a document proving the foundation of the goods, such as a certificate of origin (movement certificate EUR.1) or perhaps a declaration of origin, a press release on origin or proof origin. Check the requirements upfront. You will get the document through the seller with the goods.

    In case you don’t hold the required document when you find yourself declaring items, you can clear the consignment without them and sign up for preferential treatment afterwards by appealing against a customs clearance decision.

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