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    Novel – Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School – Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

    Chapter 2155 – You Shouldn’t Stay in This World remain raspy

    “Well, I could find it out by myself should you reject to share with,” claimed Gu Ning.

    These normal water droplets weren’t widespread normal water droplets, they had been h2o droplets filled up with wonder energy. Each individual droplet was just like a very sharp blade. After it strike somebody, it could enter the bone.

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    “It’s been fifteen days. There are still thirty-four days to visit. The moment it’s accomplished, it is possible to take care of the individual you should cope with, and I usually takes revenge too. Ok, you could keep now!” The feminine liquid ghost stated gloomily. Her cool vision were actually full of ruthlessness and antic.i.p.ation.

    Although Gu Ning happened to throw stones for the lake top above the female ghost, the female drinking water ghost didn’t are aware that Gu Ning got for this. It thought Gu Ning was actually a college student in a undesirable mood who came here and threw rocks to the lake to vent her rage.

    It had been perfect, but Gu Ning couldn’t allow it go. As a cultivator, it absolutely was her task to get rid of ghosts and hazardous monsters with this society, given that they would only hurt mortals.

    “Well, I could find it out by myself in the event you decline to tell,” stated Gu Ning.

    Even though girl drinking water ghost and Qu Hanjiao predetermined to achieve the bargain, it was actually very unsafe.

    It had been right, but Gu Ning couldn’t let it go. Like a cultivator, it had been her task to take out ghosts and harmful monsters out of this society, given that they would only hurt mortals.

    “Don’t be improbable. I am checking out you,” mentioned Gu Ning calmly.

    Even though the feminine liquid ghost and Qu Hanjiao decided to have the offer, it absolutely was very unhealthy.

    The feminine drinking water ghost established its hands and utilized its magic chance to condense the liquid about the lake into packed drops of water. They floated up, and transferred towards Gu Ning.

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    However the feminine water ghost and Qu Hanjiao agreed to achieve the option, it absolutely was very damaging.

    About three declines of blood must be fallen around the ghost everyday. Right after forty-nine days, the ghost would possess Qu Hanjiao’s physique and share your body together with her. In that case, Qu Hanjiao would have got the abilities from the water ghost.

    A couple of lowers of bloodstream must be lowered on the ghost every day. Soon after forty-nine days and nights, the ghost would have Qu Hanjiao’s body and share our bodies together with her. If so, Qu Hanjiao would likewise have the ability in the h2o ghost.

    However the lady normal water ghost and Qu Hanjiao concurred to achieve the bargain, it had been very dangerous.

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    Ability to hear that, the female h2o ghost was scared and transported two yards back immediately.

    “Sure!” Qu Hanjiao responded inside of a small speech, then changed and left behind. When she eventually left, she got out a music band-assist from her carrier and placed it to her finger.

    It started to be warn when individuals weren’t fearful of it, as it suggested anybody wasn’t ordinary.

    The young lady who passed away in this lake 3 years earlier was referred to as Su Male.

    Though it pulled in consideration, n.o.body system would relate it to ghosts.

    Later, it fiercely stared at Gu Ning and asked, “Who are you? How will you see me? How come you not scared of me by any means?”

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    “You don’t have capacity to decide me or figure out whether I should be on earth, and she’s willing to do it!” The feminine ghost retorted.

    “Investigate? Absurd!” Upon seeing and hearing that, the feminine water ghost sneered and laughed at herself. “I’m no undergraduate with the Capital University or college, and no just one was aware we died in this article. Even my physique is at the end in the lake and also has changed into bone now. Do you think you can find out?”

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    Section 2155: You Shouldn’t Vacation on this planet

    “Whether I had the capability or maybe not, you may try to overcome me provided you can or try to escape,” explained Gu Ning.

    With the knowledge that, Gu Ning slightly frowned. If you have, she naturally couldn’t shape it.

    The feminine drinking water ghost started its forearms and utilised its secret capability to condense water for the lake into heavy declines water. They floated up, and migrated towards Gu Ning.

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    Nevertheless, from a guy and a ghost had been coupled, they might only survive for forty-nine weeks.

    It said it died four years earlier, which intended there was a number of people who passed away within this lake.

    Once the feminine liquid ghost came out, there had been a gloomy wind around her, which was terrifyingly creepy. The feminine water ghost glared at Gu Ning, which may terrify everyday folks to loss of life, but Gu Ning only checked out it calmly and her encounter didn’t change in any way.

    “Don’t be improbable. I’m reviewing you,” mentioned Gu Ning calmly.

    Gu Ning initially looked at the water by using her Jade Sight and saw water ghost relaxing under it. Then, she had taken several modest stones out of the terrain and threw them at the place where this type of water ghost came out.